Team Bonding

It is assumed that team building activities and games are not only educational, but above all should be enjoyable. They help the team learn from each other, and show how each person thinks, works, solves problems and has fun.

There are differences between Team Building and Team Bounding, the clearest being:


* It propitiates the reflection about what happened during a whole day.

* It focuses primarily on behaviors and how they have an effect on the development of a job.

* Help members to work as a team and create synergies within the company.

* Develops skills related to communication, planning, problem solving and conflict resolution.

* Encourages a change in long-term behavior, in the participants arise improvement commitments due to their erflexiones.

* Usually it is about longer sessions of collective work, which can be extended for several days.


* It focuses on fun activities, having fun is the priority.

* Unite participants by fostering collaboration and teamwork.

* Help to know the partners better.

* Allows workers to “connect” in a different environment.

* Usually it is a punctual activity of a day or an afternoon, done once a year.

In SegwayLPA we add the physical exercise implicit in riding a Segway and the good time that can be spent with certain activities that we have devised to perform as a team. We create with it days of team bonding or incentives, where the objective is fun, recreation, spending a different day together with workmates. If you are looking to improve cohesion and a day of entertainment, or a prize for a job well done, the option is Team Bonding.

Small groups. Check number of participants.

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